Saturday, April 25, 2009

long time no blog...

So zoie was excited to go to whatcom falls park the other day with me and a good friend of ours...the first picture we were kneeling down trying to get her to see the waterfalls but she was not for it!! she hated it to be exact lol...but the third pic shows the waterfall that we were looking at at that moment ... second pic shows beautiful littl zo as she was listening to the birdys as i was trying to get her attention as well...its the best pic that i was able to get lol...and the last pic shows her meeting with some new puppys that were very interested with her on the walk ... she wasn't so sure if you cant tell by the hair on her back haha but overall it was a great first time at the falls:)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Its been too long!

It has been a very long time since i was able to come on and share...but we are back and wanting to let you all know whats new!:)
zoie and i just recently took a trip all the way down to port orchard! that is three hours away for those of you who dont live in bellingham with us. it was lots of fun...we went to a dog show and race... and zoie got some new show grade shampoo and conditioner along with 4 new toys and three new treats!! wow she hit the jackpot huh? well those treats are now her favorite...its funny cause all they are is dried bulls penis!hahah...
besides our trip we also have been hanging out with some of zoies in particular is named wyatt he is in the corner pic...what a cutie
he is huge in compairison though...his momma ally is holding zozo in her jacket in one of the pictures...oh my goodness did zoie love being in that warm place....she got cranky when ally took her out and she wouldn't cuddle with ally for quite some time after that! haha
besides all that we are moving! Finally.....we didn't have a place to go for a while there...but now we are all set and getting ready to get out of this will be a nice change and we will keep you posted on new events~!
Zoie and Momma

Monday, March 2, 2009


Zoie Belle is one year old today on March 1st 2009!!!!!!
yay!!! She loves the new toy (cat toy, but she doesn't know that or need to know that lol) that Paul bought for her...she is obsessed!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spoiled Vet Day:) YAY!

Today Zoie went into the vet and got her eye all checked out in this black light test thing:) It was cool...She also got her second Bordetella vaccination, her dewormer, and her advantage to keep them pesky fleas away!!
So Mommy decided that Zoie deserves some new treats for the "hard day" that she was having and I found these great treats at WAL*MART!! The best part is that they were somewhat good for her:0 No preservatives or anything(picture on the right)...yay
Then if that wasn't enough for her to be spoiled with a months worth of treats I bought her favorite lepard print toy that she carried around in her mouth like she owned the place at petsmart(no picture). Then on top of all that I thought that zozo would like a to try a few new toys that perhaps would not turn into skins...well the only one that lasted more than the hour was the red rubber rope(furthest right). The one eye patch lasted about a half an hour with zoie and coda playing with is just a lonely skin now...along with the poor hot dog...and along with the toys that they got for christmas made out of rubber:)

She loves her toys but she only values and protects one of them...that is her lepard print toy...she will guard that toy till death!! At least I know that if she gets that toy there will be no fluff on the ground:) HAHA

Anyways for those of you who have been following along with us....Zoie's eye ulcer is subsiding but not completely gone, it should be gone or at least nothing to worry about here soon...and as for her cuts on her nose...she has learned to keep it out of where it don't belong:) and has healed up into a scar...she is just waiting for the hair to grow back!!

XOXOXO Zoie and family

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nothing yet :(

So there are no new pictures to post at the moment but me and chris decided to spend the day in Burlington which is about 30 min away so Zoie Belle got to spend the entire day with grandma Coco... OMG does she love her!!! Zoie loves her grandma and hates to leave her house but we have her at home now and we are all about ready for bed...

Her eye is looking better for the most part on the outside...but when we look for the ulcer it is still there in full effect:( :( :( :( :( but we are giving her a drop every 6 hours in hopes for it to go away!

But for those of you who asked about her having surgery.....if the medication does not help the ulcer I honestly dont know the next step in getting rid of it or if it can spread to the other eye or not...It doesn't seem to have effected her vision at all so far....we are just praying for the best right now so I hope everyone will help us out in this time of need and pray for our little girls eye to get better soon:) we will keep you all posted on any new news...and thank you all for posting your best wishes and concerns:)


Wednesday, January 7, 2009


SOOO.... Today I took Zozo to the vet and asked if her nose cuts were infected or not...and luckily they were not so that was a relief but they are still bleeding every so often so thats not good. What really hurts is that I had to ask about her eye and why it has been tearing so much and why it was crusting and discolored and things of that nature. So the doctor checked everything out and it was terrible but so interesting for her to find that inside of Zoie's pupil she has a brown colored spot that you can only see when you shine a flashlight in her is called an eye ulcer! :( how sad... The vet. said that if not treated after not to long that ulcer can blind the eye so bad it would have to be removed! :( Our poor baby. So as you can see she has that terrible cone on her head and also has to have an eye drop every 6 hours for the next week or two. How sad!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Forgot to mention......

We forgot to mention that we are extremely proud of our Zoie Belle being a puppy training graduate!!!
Now for the bad news that we forgot to mention that she has to go to the vet tomorrow because she has a crying eye and it keeps getting worse. And like in the last few pictures you might be able to see that she has two cuts on her nose that she got from trying to get out of her kennel and from playing with Coda... Poor little baby, we are worried that they are going to have us cone her head to they can heal:( but we will find out tomorrow and post our news.