Saturday, December 20, 2008


Oh my goodness does Zoie love the snow...her favorite part has been trying to figure out where the snowflakes are coming from. HAHA. She does not quite get that the same sky that has the sun has the snow falling out of it lol...but oh does she love the taste and the feel...weird right...we all thought that she would be just freezing but that hasn't been the case at all! Although Poor little Dacoda doesn't feel the same yet...he is still used to Texas I guess. But Zoie is constantly at our door just begging for us to let her out so she can play...and when she goes potty outside she also has to jump around in the huge piles of is just so cute~


  1. Hi Corrie and Chris!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    Oh you have a lot of snow! I remember when I saw the snow for the first time I had the same feeling.
    I love the photo of you guys! Beautiful family like us :> Zoie is petie and very cute!
    Take later!

  2. Snow is super fun!! We live in a part of Arizona that gets snow too!! We love to play in it!!
    -Luke and Liesel

  3. Hi Zoie! You are just way to cute, I think Texas has fallen in love. LOL!

    Erin(the human),Bubbles,Texas(the doxies) and Pup #4(coming soon)

  4. You are darling, Zoie! We just moved from Washington state this summer to Arizona. Hope you and your new friend have fun playing around in it! Merry Christmas!