Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Annoying toys!!

So Zoie has found her new toys quite interesting and fun...she plays with them 24 7 or she would if we didn't hide them when we go to bed every night. From the time we wake-up to the time we go to bed you can find Zoie easily with all the noise she recently learned how to make. Her and Coda got these new rubber balls with squeekers inside that they CAN'T TEAR APPART!!! YAY!!! And ever since they found them in the tree Zoie has been obsessed. Zoie also got her favorite toy that is bone shaped with a squeaker and a sheep that is the size of a mouse. Also a mouse that is only as long as my pinky finger:) These new toys are all so valuable to her. She wont tear them appart at all. Our last picture also shows Zoie and Dacoda's new obsession with our space heaters:) They absolutely love it!!

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  1. LoL! That is cute!! My dachshund loves our space heater as well, gotta keep their totties warm!!!

    Erin and the dachshunds