Saturday, March 28, 2009

Its been too long!

It has been a very long time since i was able to come on and share...but we are back and wanting to let you all know whats new!:)
zoie and i just recently took a trip all the way down to port orchard! that is three hours away for those of you who dont live in bellingham with us. it was lots of fun...we went to a dog show and race... and zoie got some new show grade shampoo and conditioner along with 4 new toys and three new treats!! wow she hit the jackpot huh? well those treats are now her favorite...its funny cause all they are is dried bulls penis!hahah...
besides our trip we also have been hanging out with some of zoies in particular is named wyatt he is in the corner pic...what a cutie
he is huge in compairison though...his momma ally is holding zozo in her jacket in one of the pictures...oh my goodness did zoie love being in that warm place....she got cranky when ally took her out and she wouldn't cuddle with ally for quite some time after that! haha
besides all that we are moving! Finally.....we didn't have a place to go for a while there...but now we are all set and getting ready to get out of this will be a nice change and we will keep you posted on new events~!
Zoie and Momma


  1. Hi Zoie!
    It sounds like you guys had a good time! Oh, you won so many things! Good job!
    wag wag

  2. Hello Zoie and to your mom, you have a great bonding together ah..your mom love u so much..keep it up! :)

    Dog Pens