Saturday, April 25, 2009

long time no blog...

So zoie was excited to go to whatcom falls park the other day with me and a good friend of ours...the first picture we were kneeling down trying to get her to see the waterfalls but she was not for it!! she hated it to be exact lol...but the third pic shows the waterfall that we were looking at at that moment ... second pic shows beautiful littl zo as she was listening to the birdys as i was trying to get her attention as well...its the best pic that i was able to get lol...and the last pic shows her meeting with some new puppys that were very interested with her on the walk ... she wasn't so sure if you cant tell by the hair on her back haha but overall it was a great first time at the falls:)


  1. Cute pictures! Your Zoie looks so much like my Chloe! lol :)

  2. Glad you had a nice time! I don't think Frankie would go for a peek at a waterfall, either! :)

  3. Hi Zoie and Chloe!
    Long time no see! It looks like you had a nice day with your friends!

  4. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Zoie is precious. She looks so petite.