Wednesday, January 7, 2009


SOOO.... Today I took Zozo to the vet and asked if her nose cuts were infected or not...and luckily they were not so that was a relief but they are still bleeding every so often so thats not good. What really hurts is that I had to ask about her eye and why it has been tearing so much and why it was crusting and discolored and things of that nature. So the doctor checked everything out and it was terrible but so interesting for her to find that inside of Zoie's pupil she has a brown colored spot that you can only see when you shine a flashlight in her is called an eye ulcer! :( how sad... The vet. said that if not treated after not to long that ulcer can blind the eye so bad it would have to be removed! :( Our poor baby. So as you can see she has that terrible cone on her head and also has to have an eye drop every 6 hours for the next week or two. How sad!


  1. Aww Zozo That is sad!
    But Texas says, having one eye aint so bad!! He's motto is: "Who needs two eyes?"
    I hope everything works out, so that she won't have to loose it!!


    Erin, Bubbles, Texas -the one eye'd dachshund and Puppy No.4

  2. Ohhh Zoie,
    Will you have an operation? I really hope your eye is getting better soon. I am crossing my paws.

  3. We hope everything works out okay. You are a good mommy to ask about it. If you hadn't asked, it could have gotten much worse. Dachsies are pretty even with only one eye but dachsies eyes are so full of intelligence and inquistiveness, it's always nice to have as many as possible ... or maybe just two to a dog.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy