Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nothing yet :(

So there are no new pictures to post at the moment but me and chris decided to spend the day in Burlington which is about 30 min away so Zoie Belle got to spend the entire day with grandma Coco... OMG does she love her!!! Zoie loves her grandma and hates to leave her house but we have her at home now and we are all about ready for bed...

Her eye is looking better for the most part on the outside...but when we look for the ulcer it is still there in full effect:( :( :( :( :( but we are giving her a drop every 6 hours in hopes for it to go away!

But for those of you who asked about her having surgery.....if the medication does not help the ulcer I honestly dont know the next step in getting rid of it or if it can spread to the other eye or not...It doesn't seem to have effected her vision at all so far....we are just praying for the best right now so I hope everyone will help us out in this time of need and pray for our little girls eye to get better soon:) we will keep you all posted on any new news...and thank you all for posting your best wishes and concerns:)



  1. Give the medicine a chance before you worry about what to do next. We know that is easy for us to say. Mom just about freaked out when Sammy wasn't feeling good after his shots. She rushed him off to the vet again. Fortunately, he is back to his regular bossy self but Mom is much better at telling others to be patient then she is about being patient herself!

  2. Hi Bella Baby
    I'm sorry you have an ulcer on your eye. I hope it gets better without any surgery. I will keep my paws crossed for a complete recovery.
    Love Ruby